Alonissos is an ideal place for those who love nature and want to spend their holidays in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The crystal clear waters, the award-winning beaches, the pine forests and the picturesque villages will compensate your visit.

Alonissos is also known for the National Marine Park of Sporades. It is the shelter for the Monachus monachus seals and it is always open for you to visit.

The island has more than 50 different beaches, some organized and some deserted, through which you can choose the beach of your dreams. Here we mention some of the main beaches of the island to help you choose the one that suits you.


Megalos Mourtias: It is located in the southernmost part of the island, in the bay of Mourtia. Megalos Mourtias is one of the most popular of Alonissos beaches and it has blue waters, small pebbles and taverns by the sea.

megalos mourtias beach

Gerakas:  It is located within an enclosed bay in the northernmost and it is the most remote beach. The landscape in Gerakas beach is different, it is dry and has no vegetation, while the beach is steep with large pebbles.

Patitiri: It is the island's main beach, the port and the capital of the island. The beach is small at the edge of the harbor. It has small pebbles and attracts many people.  

patitiri beach 

 Votsi: Very small beach with turquoise waters.

votsi beach

 Marpounda: The beach is 2 km away from the Patitiri. It is a lovely beach with deep waters.

marpounta beach

  Agios Dimitrios: It is considered by many as the most beautiful beach in Alonissos. It is located 15km from the Patitiri. It's pretty long beach with white pebbles and crystal clear waters.

agios dimitrios beach

    Milia: It is located 5 km north of the Patitiri, just after Votsi. This beach has turquoise waters, pebble and it is next to a forest of pines that reaches up to the sea.

milia beach

Chrisi Milia: It is located 5.5 km from Patitiri. It's pretty long beach with fine golden sand and shallow waters. The beach is suitable for water sports and families with children

xrisi milia beach


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