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Site: www.eliagiftshop.eu

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Manager: Anagnostou Eleni







          The Elia Gift Shop started its operation in 2013 and it is located in the main port of Alonissos, Patitiri. In the store you can find products from specialized companies with organic olive oil and aloe vera. All products are made with the best ingredients of Greek nature and they are integrated systems of beauty for both men and women.

In the Elia Gift Shop there are 3 series of natural cosmetics

  • Athena's Tresures
  • Αloe's Tresures
  • Argan Tresures

Our products do not contain preservatives like paraben.

Athena's Tresures

Products of the series Athena's Treasures are a result of multiannual research in modern laboratories by specialized technicians and cosmetologists, which combine harmony the excellent properties of Greek nature's components , with the latest developments in the science of cosmetics.

The main components of the series are the organic olive oil and the organic extract of olive leaves. The series Athena's Treasures was created in 2008 and it was named after Goddess Athena. This rich series consists body creams, hair care products, products of aromatherapy, facial creams, hand - legs cream, showergels and men's products.

Mens Care: 24 Hour Facial Cream Men 50ml, After Shave Aloe Vera 50ml, Shampoo Cool Spring 250ml, Shower Gel Cool Spring 250ml

Aromatotherapy-Shower Gel: Body Gel After Sun 150ml, Body Oil Calendula 150ml, Body Oil Macadamia 150ml, Massage Oil Jojoba 100ml, Massage Oil Ylang-Ylang 100ml, Shower Gel Lavender 250ml, Shower Gel Natural 250ml, Shower Gel Scrub Ginseng 250ml, Shower Gel Valeriana 250ml

Body Milks: Body Lotion Almond 250ml, Body Lotion Aloe Vera 250ml, Body Lotion Coconut 250ml, Body Lotion Exotic Fruits 250ml, Body Lotion Jasmin 250ml, Body Lotion Natural 250ml, Body Lotion Pomegranate 250ml, Body Lotion Rose 250ml, Body Lotion Safran 250ml, Body Lotion Sea Weed 250ml, Body Lotion After sun Yogurt & Cucumber 250ml

Body Butters: Body Butter Aloe Vera 200ml, Body Butter Avocado 200ml, Body Butter Cherry 200ml, Body Butter Coconut 200ml, Body Butter Exotic Fruits 200ml, Body Butter Fig 200ml, Body Butter Hazelnut 200ml, Body Butter Honey-Milk propolis 200ml, Body Butter Jasmin 200ml, Body Butter Kiwi 200ml, Body Butter Mango 200ml, Body Butter Melon 200ml, Body Butter Natural 200ml, Body Butter Passion Fruit 200ml, Body Butter Pomegranate 200ml, Body Butter Rose 200ml, Body Butter Safran 200ml

Body Creams: Body Cream Almond 150ml, Body Cream Avocado 150ml, Body Cream Melon 150ml, Body Cream Natural 150ml, Body Cream Pomegranate 150ml, Body Cream Silk 150ml

Hand & Foot Care: Foot Cream Aloe Vera 75ml, Foot Cream Arnika 100ml, Foot Cream Honey 100ml, Foot Cream Mint 200ml, Foot Cream Tea Tree 100ml, Hand Cream Aloe Vera 75ml, Hand Cream Avocado 100ml, Hand Cream Calendula 200ml, Hand Cream Honey 100ml, Hand Cream Silk 100ml

Hair Care: Conditioner Honey 250ml, Conditioner Laurel 250ml, Conditioner Silk 250ml, Hair Mask Avocado 200ml, Hair Mask Grape Seed 200ml, Hair Mask Honey 200ml, Hair Mask Silk 100ml, Hair Spray Hypericum 150ml, Hair Spray Laurel 100ml, Shampoo Honey 250ml, Shampoo Silk 250ml

Face Care: 24 Hour Facial Cream 50ml, After Sun Facial Cream 50ml, Anti Age Facial Cream 50ml, Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 30ml, Anti Wrinlke Facial Cream 50ml, Face Mask Avocado 50ml, Facial Cream Peeling 50ml, Night Facial Cream 50ml, Sun Block Facial Cream 50ml

Gift Set: Gift Set 1 (Hand Cream Aloe Vera 75ml & Olive Oil Soap Natural 100gr), Gift Set 2 (Foot Cream Aloe Vera 75ml & Olive Oil Soap Natural 100gr), Gift Set 3 (Hand Cream Avocado 100ml & Olive Oil Soap Natural 100gr), Gift Set 4 (Foot Cream Tea Tree 100ml & Olive Oil Soap Natural 100gr), Gift Set 5 (Body Cream Natural 150ml & Olive Oil Soap Natural 100gr), Gift Set 6 (Body Butter Natural 200ml & Olive Oil Soap Natural 100gr)

Aloe's Treasures

The series Aloe's Treasures based on versatile activity of aloe because of its rich content in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes & Saccharides. Active Aloe - ACTIVE ALOE - used in all products in the range, in addition to organic cultivation, isolated with special treatment that guarantees the biological action and not only its chemical structure. In this way is achieved a 30% increased cell renewal with respect to the normal aloe.

Furthermore ACTIVE ALOE:

  • enhances skin hydration by retaining moisture in the inner layers
  • improves its soothing and healing properties of the skin
  • increases the anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory potential of the skin
  • helps the immune functions of the skin, and therefore helps to reduce the risk associated with intense exposure to solar UVB radiation
  • has anti-wrinkle properties because accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin tissues, delaying thus the appearance of signs of premature aging.

The other ingredients in the products of the new series Aloes Treasures such as plant extracts, coenzyme Q10, vitamin A & E, panthenol, allantoin, sunscreen and moisturizers triple action Trimoist, Fucogel, Hygroderm, make it unique, both in care and protect the skin.

The series Aloe's Treasures consists body creams, facial creams, hand - legs cream , hair care products, showergels and sun protection products.

Sun Protection: Body Gel After Sun 250ml, For Burns Cream 100ml, Uv Face Spray 150ml, Uv Hair Spray 150ml

Shower Gel: Shower Gel Scrub 250ml, Shower Gel Tea Tree 250ml, Shower Gel Valeriana 250ml

Foot & Hand Care: Foot Cream Beeswax 120ml, Foot Cream Deodorant 120ml, Foot Cream Natural 150ml, Foot Cream Olive Oil 120ml, Hand & Foot Scrub 120ml, Hand Cream Beeswax 120ml, Hand Cream Natural 150ml Hand Cream Bio Olive Oil 120ml

Hair Care: Conditioner Dry 250ml, Conditioner Normal 250ml, Hair Mask Beeswax 120ml, Hair Mask Dry 150ml, Hair Mask Normal 150ml, Hair Spray Silk & Silicone 150ml, Shampoo Dry 250ml, Shampoo Normal 250ml

Face Care: Anti Age Facial Cream 50ml, Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 30ml, Anti Wrinkle Facial Cream 50ml, Eye De Make Up 150ml, Night Facial Cream 50ml, Peeling Facial Cream 50ml, Regenerative Facial Cream 50ml, Face Mask Cream 50ml, Face Tonic Lotion 150ml, Face Wash 250ml, Facial Peeling Liquid Soap 150ml, Make Up Remover 150ml

Body Care: Body Butter Avocado 200ml, Body Butter Coconut 200ml, Body Butter Exotic Fruits 200ml, Body Butter Olive Oil 200ml, Body Butter Tea Tree 200ml, Body Cream Exotic Fruits 150ml, Body Cream Olive Oil 150ml, Body Cream Tea Tree 150ml, Body Lotion After Sun 250ml, Body Lotion Exotic Fruits 250ml, Body Lotion Olive Oil 250ml, Body Lotion Tea Tree 250ml, Body Scrub Gel 200ml

Argan Treasures

The argan oil, which is widely known for its powerful restorative and anti-aging action, is the secret of care for the face, body and hair. It is produced from the core of the seeds of the argan tree which grows in Morocco. Argan oil is produced using mainly traditional methods and is a time-consuming process.

Every stone has to be opened so as to obtain the seeds. It is said that for every litre of this oil, 20 hours of manual labour are required.

The women of this area , have been using it for hundreds of years, for the daily care of their face and body, and the caring of dry skin. However, its anti-aging properties are the reason why it has become so popular lately in the west.

         The secret is its high concentration of fatty acids (80%). In addition, it constitutes one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E whilst containing powerful antioxidant substances, which neutralize, the harmful for the skin, free radicals.

The "Argan Treasures" contains - according to its use - a large range of active ingredients like vitamins A, C, F, E, panthenol, allantoin, bisabol, wheat proteins, aminoacids and a multitude of moisturizing substances with a particular emphasis on the unique moisturizing triple action of Trimoist.

However, the "high technology" substances of this set of products, which establish it as unique, are the following:

  • Second generation argan stem cells, which activate the creation of skin tissue, increasing the density of the skin and reducing the depth of wrinkles.
  • The biotechnical, antiwrinkle ameliox with carnosine and antioxidants in the form of liposomes, which protect the structure of collagen and result in a visible smoothing of wrinkles.
  • The drastic dipeptide calmosensine, which modifies the texture of the skin and contributes to the stretching of the skin, and soothens the expression lines of the face.

Hair Care: Conditioner Dry & Damaged 250ml, Conditioner Normal & Oily 250ml, Hair Mask All Types 150ml, Shampoo Dry & Damaged 250ml, Shampoo Normal & Oily 250ml

Face Care: 24 Hour - Antiaging Facial Cream 50ml, Anti Wrinkle Day Cream 50ml, Eye's Cream-Gel (Botox Effect) 30ml, Face Cream (Botox Effect) 30ml, Regenerative & AHA Facial Cream 50ml

Body Care: Body Butter Antiaging-Moisturizing 150ml, Body Lotion After Sun Panthenol 250ml, Body Lotion Natural Antiaging 250ml, Shower Gel Natural Revitalizing 250ml

Hand & Foot Care: Foot Cream Hydrating 100ml, Hand & Foot Cream 100ml, Hand Cream Anti-Spot 100ml, Hand Cream Antiaging 100ml

Sun Care

Sun Protection Milk: Milk Carrot Spf 15 150ml, Milk Carrot Spf 30 150ml, Milk Coconut Spf 10 150ml, Milk Coconut Spf 20 150ml, Milk Coconut Spf 40 150ml

Sun Protection Oil: Oil Olive Spf 8 150ml, Oil Coconut Spf 10 150ml, Oil Carrot Spf 12 150ml, Oil Coconut Spf 20 150ml

Quick Tan: Gel Cream Carrot Spf 2 150ml, Gel Cream Coconut Spf 2 150ml

After Sun Care: After Sun Aloe Vera 150ml

Sun Burn Protection: For Burns Cream 100ml


Allergy Help: Allerg Αid 50ml

Lips Sun Care: Lip Balm Aloe Vera 4,8gr, Lip Balm Cherry 4,8gr, Lip Balm Coconut 4,8gr, Lip Balm Olive Oil 4,8gr

Mosquitos Protection: After Bite Gel Propolis 20ml, Lotion Citronella 100ml, Lotion Eucalyptus 100ml

Deodorant Creams: Deodorant Body Cream 50ml

Facial Hydration: Hydration Face Spray 150ml

In the shop there are also the products of "Kalliston co" which are made of soaps and natural cosmetics based on valuable olive oil.

There are the following gift sets:

  • Box with olive soap scented jasmine, lavender and natural and a key chain for present.
  • Pouches with olive oil soap scented rose and jasmine and a bracelet for present.
  • Olive oil soap scented lavender and rose pouches embroidered with olive.
  • Olive oil soap scented lavender and jasmine pouches stamped the drawing of Alonissos and with seals monachus monachus.
  • Pouch with olive oil soap , body cream and shower gel.
  • Pouch with olive oil soap and body cream.
  • Set of one olive soap and one magnet
  • Box with two olive soaps and one magnet
  • Set of one soap and one pumice stone
  • Set of two soaps and one pumice stone

Gift boxes

  • Gift box with 2 soaps and hand cream
  • Gift box with body salts and scented olive oil soap
  • Gift box with body cream and scented olive oil soap
  • Gift box with scented olive oil soap, hand cream and
  • facial towel embroidered with olive

There are also:

Bath salts: lavender, Verbena, Sea breeze

Body oils 100ml: Argan oil, Avocado oil, Peach oil, Laurel oil, ST. John wort oil

Deodorant crystal without perfume

Hand and foot creams with olive oil and pomegranate extract

Hand creams with olive oil and avocado oil

Glycerin soaps: Strawberry, Lemon, Sea wind, Eskada, White mask  

Handmade glycerin soap with Loofan: Vanilla, Strawberry, Aloe, Sea wind, Lavender

Handmade olive oil soaps: Sandalwood, Geranium , Cinnamon, Rose, Calendula, Laurel

Natural sea sponges

Natural terra sponges loofah

Pumice stones  

In our shop there are also modern handmade silver jewellery with real precious and semi-precious stones. There are necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

The stones are: Emerald, Rubin, Pearls, Tourmaline, Rose, Quartz, Cornelian, Garnet, Amethyst, Aventurine, Coral, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Moonstones, Turquoise, Agates, Topaz, Hematite etc.

You can find also a wide variety of high quality perfumes for men and women, the type of Armani, Dior, Kenzo etc.






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