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Restaurant Ta Kalamakia

Kalamakia, Alonissos, Sporadeskalamakia


Phone: +30 24240 66400


Working period: June-September







The Restaurant Kalamakia is right at the harbor entrance at Kalamakia Village. If you are fond of seafood dishes and appetizers, then you're in the right place. The place was created with great care, waiting for visitors to offer their unique tasty creations with fresh fish and seafood. Sample fine delicacies like lobster pasta, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

Enjoy kalamakiotiko dako, sour milk of Alonnisos, stuffed cabbage leaves, zucchini balls, lobster, shrimp saganaki and roasted shrimps, roasted octopus and octopus salad, mussels risotto with fresh mussels, mussels saganaki or steamed mussels, salted anchovies or anchovies dako. Also try our fish soups made of fresh fish, scorpion fish or grouper Kakavia.

And the specialty of the restaurant ... scorpion fish with lemon in the pot!

Enjoy your meal!!





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